The Coinswap Has Concluded

The Coinswap Has Concluded

The Zano coinswap has officially concluded. Congrats to everyone who participated, we’re excited to see how many people decided to support us and join Zano.

Some numbers and proofs

Over 30 days of the swap 7782192.31 Boolberry coins have been swapped to Zano at a ratio of 1 to 1.

Coinswap graph

As we previously mentioned, the total number of coins reserved during the launch of Zano was 17517203.

3690000 were set aside for dev fund and other project expenses, more on that subject can be found here An additional 13827203 coins were set aside for coinswap.

All of this info can be confirmed here

Deducting 7782192.31 from 13827203 we’ll get 6045010,69 coins that will need to be burnt.

We’re doing it in two steps, 5905010 has already been burnt in this transaction:

Coins sent to zero pubkey

The remaining 140000 will be burnt during the upcoming hard fork with the PoS consensus upgrade, described in the latest whitepaper here: We will offer more details on that topic in the next post.


Thank you again for all of your continued support. We’re very happy to see the number of people who have decided to follow us on this next step of the journey with Zano. Stay tuned for more details, and next steps!