Welcome to the Future of Secure P2P Trading: Zano Trade Beta is Now Live!

Welcome to the Future of Secure P2P Trading: Zano Trade Beta is Now Live!

After the Zarcanum hard fork that introduced Confidential Assets, the next logical step was to provide our users with a way to securely trade them. We are excited to announce Zano Trade, an all-in-one trading platform that allows for peer-to-peer trades similar to LocalMonero utilizing Zano's Escrow Contracts for settlements, an on-chain Zano Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and an Instant Swap feature. The technology that underlies the Zano DEX and Instant Swaps is the Ionic Swap technology. Note that Zano Trade Beta only has the Decentralized Exchange feature enabled for now, the other two features of the platform will be introduced later on.

True P2P Trading in Complete Anonymity

On the Zano Trade Decentralized Exchange feature, you can trade native Zano and all the Confidential Assets launched on Zano’s ecosystem. Zano Trade requires no user registration and uses an on-chain order matching system to facilitate Ionic Swaps between native Zano and all the Confidential Assets. It is impossible to see what asset types, amounts, or addresses were involved in the transaction. If you'd like to know more about the details of Ionic Swaps, check out our previous article.

Screenshot taken from https://trade.zano.org/

Zano Companion

To access Zano Trade, you need to install the Zano Companion app. This is a Metamask-like browser extension that enables authentication and connects the Zano desktop wallet to the web applications built on Zano, such as Zano Trade. Zano Companion is your gateway to the broader Zano ecosystem!

To help you through the process we have created two guides, one that walks you through the setup process for Zano Companion, and the other on how to use Zano Trade:

Beta Version

The Zano Trade DEX is still in the beta phase, which means that we are constantly improving the application. Your feedback can help us during this process and is valuable to us! Please join our communities on Telegram and Discord and participate in the discussions to further improve the platform together.


Step by step, the Zano ecosystem is coming together, and we are thrilled to witness its growth. Together, we are building the next-generation ecosystem that is secure, private, and censorship-resistant, available for everyone.

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