Community Update: Zano's Ambassador Program

Community Update: Zano's Ambassador Program

Zano is rapidly becoming one of the most unique and exciting blockchain ecosystems in the entire crypto space. Over the last year, we have experienced significant growth for our project, and our community has played a crucial role in this achievement. To further develop and strengthen our community, we proudly present to you: Zano's Ambassador Program!

Who you are

  • You have a passion for Zano and its mission.
  • Know the ins and outs of the project.
  • Want to contribute to the growth of Zano.
  • Have great networking skills.
  • You are a creative person who's good at content creation.

What you'll be doing

The mission of the ambassadors is to bring the local communities of Zano to life. You'll do this by:

  • Being active in your local language group on Discord & Telegram.
  • Pushing out tweets in your own language on a regular basis.
  • Creating different types of content about Zano in your own language.
  • Doing everything in your power to promote Zano.


As a Zano ambassador you will:

  • Receive the latest updates on the project directly from the main team themselves.
  • Be in direct contact with the team.
  • Have exclusive access to the Ambassadors' chat.
  • Get compensated in ZANO for your efforts.

Did we catch your attention? Apply now: