Dev update: December 2022 #1

Dev update: December 2022 #1

There's been quite a bit of work recently on the Zano project, mostly involving changes to core and GUI wallet code, as well as launching a Zarcanum-enabled testnet. The focus is currently on integrating multi-asset stealth addresses and confidential transactions into the blockchain and improving the way they interact with each other.

We've made major progress on the multi-assets concept integration into our wallet: we adapted internal structures and architecture, applied assets management concept in the wallet to whitelisted and custom tokens. We implemented basic core tests that simulate multi-assets operations in the blockchain and wallet and wrote the code that perform these operations (tokenization is simulated yet in transparent way).

The wallet RPC was also refactored to adapt to multiassets structures.

On the backend side we implemented Zarcanum PoS and confidential transactions in Zano core (bug fixing and performance optimization are yet to be done).

Test tools were re-written and automated to support the new version of Zarcanum. After the hardfork, only confidential outputs (with hidden amounts) are allowed. Other improvements to privacy were implemented as well.

The Pre-alpha testnet with Zarcanum Proof of Stake (PoS) and Confidential Transactions has been launched. Testing will continue to determine the vulnerabilities, functionality concerns, and efficiency issues.

The roadmap is still on track for the next hardfork. Also, we could not be happier about the progress we have made with Zano. In addition to that, there has been some incredible work done on improving the testing capabilities of the codebase so that it becomes even faster for us to develop features and functionality for Zano.