Dev update. July 2023

Dev update. July 2023

Hello Zano community!

I hope this finds everyone well. While this update will be brief, I assure you, it holds vital developments and achievements our team has accomplished throughout July. It's been a productive month, and we're excited to share these advancements with you.

Firstly, we've made significant progress on the functionality surrounding confidential assets. Our developers have implemented the support for confidential assets custody. This essential feature will facilitate the smooth bridging of assets into and out of the Zano network. Alongside this, we addressed and resolved multiple minor bugs, especially those tied to the shared secret encryption for auditable wallets in "isolation mode." In this mode, a third party can observe transactions without accessing the encrypted attachment data. Moreover, work has commenced on operations related to assets altering, specifically on updating, emitting, and burning.

On the other side, we're proud to announce that most issues surrounding our build infrastructure have been tackled. July saw the release of Zano's mainnet version, which boasts an updated UI and a significantly expedited predownload capability. For those of you syncing from scratch, the process has been reduced to an impressive 12 minutes. Furthermore, all binaries are now correctly signed. We've also made strides in rectifying issues with alias registration in the post-Zarcanum hardfork era.

Last but not least, Zano's codebase has officially transitioned from C++11 to C++17. As a result, the minimum supported macOS version is now 10.12 (Sierra), and for MSVC, the version is 2017 (15.9.30).

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. We remain committed to enhancing the Zano experience, and we're eager to share more achievements with you in the coming months. Stay tuned!