Dev Update. June 2023

Dev Update. June 2023

Hello, Zano Community!

I must apologize for the slight delay in getting this monthly update to you. We've been tirelessly working on preparing for the public testnet launch and the time just got away from us. Nonetheless, we are thrilled to be able to share with you the fruits of our labor.

In June, one of our key areas of focus was refining our core test infrastructure. Our developers redesigned the system to increase flexibility, allowing for a broader range of tests across various hardforks. This development has substantially improved our ability to predict and resolve potential issues that may arise in the future.

Specifically, our team discovered and addressed a few bugs related to Zarcanum PoS mining and confidential assets handling. Moreover, a bug associated with PoS defragmentation tx creation was identified and rectified. These developments highlight our commitment to offering a secure and reliable platform for our users.

In parallel, we undertook a comprehensive restructuring of the transaction history in the wallet. This was mainly in response to the introduction of confidential assets in transactions. This endeavor involved a thorough refactoring of the wallet and the API, along with multiple fixes in core tests.

June was also a great month for networking and learning as the Zano team attended the Monerokon conference in Prague. Our very own Sowle gave an engaging talk on the Zarcanum upgrade and his implementation of hidden amounts proof of stake with Koe. The event was a fantastic opportunity to share our achievements and draw inspiration from fellow innovators in the crypto space.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. As we move ahead, we remain committed to enhancing the Zano platform to better serve you, our valued community.

Stay tuned for more updates!