Dev Update. May 2023

Dev Update. May 2023

As we delve into the month of June, it's time to reflect on the progress made in May and share some exciting developments and accomplishments from our Zano team.

One of the highlights of May was our team's visit to the Monerotopia event. We had the opportunity to engage with other professionals, developers, and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency space. We've captured some of the fascinating interviews and engaging discussions that took place at the event, and we're thrilled to share these videos with you directly below in this article. We hope you enjoy this inside look at Monerotopia as much as we enjoyed being a part of it.

A Q&A on Cryptonote history by Andre

Zarcanum presentation by Sowle and Koe

PoW vs PoS panel

[coming soon]

Crypto Show interview with Andre and Pavel

Moving on to the development part, a noteworthy accomplishment in May was the successful launch of Confidential Assets on our testnet. This important milestone is a testament to our team's dedication and hard work, and it brings us one step closer to achieving our mission of providing a fully functional and secure platform for our users. For those interested in learning more about this feature, we have developed a comprehensive guide on how to launch a Confidential Asset on our testnet. This guide is accessible via the following link: How to Launch a Confidential Asset on Testnet. We invite you to explore this resource and familiarize yourself with this new feature.

From a development perspective, May was a month of significant strides and a few challenges. Our macOS build machine suffered an HDD failure, but we successfully restored it from scratch. We made considerable code changes for the Zarcanum update, and a significant portion of core tests were adapted and fixed to make the testnet launch possible.

We also built and tested a new mainnet build with update predownload. A few bugs were found during this process and are currently being worked on. Post-launch, our focus has been on fixing bugs, writing more tests to cover new functionalities - Zarcanum and confidential assets, and closely monitoring the testnet.

There was considerable work related to fixing core tests and bugs/issues discovered by automated tests. We've implemented pass-through routing of RPC calls in the Zano UI, allowing different objects to handle RPC calls from a single RPC server/port. As a result, wallet RPC API and daemon RPC API now share the same server/port in Zano UI.

On the product side, we continue to diligently work on our extension and web apps. They are currently up and running in the testnet and on track for a public release next month. This is a significant milestone that we're thrilled to share.

As we proceed into June, we remain focused on refining and expanding the Zano platform. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to sharing more updates soon.