Exchange Listing & Brief Update

Exchange Listing & Brief Update

Its been quite some time with any updates so today we have just a short post on the recent listing on TradeOgre

TradeOgre has built a reputation of being one of the more functional and reliable exchanges for miners over the past several years, with over 70 different projects listed that put emphasis on privacy. We want to thank the entire Zano community for stepping up and submitting the listing requests over the last week, as this is likely the reason we got listed there so once again thank you all for your efforts.

With this addition Zano is now listed on 5 different exchanges as follows

With this small bit of news I will also mention what is coming next for Zano. In the next week or so we will be releasing a new build version with several notable changes and quite a few small improvements and fixes. Along with that update release we will have a Dev update of everything that has been worked on over the last few months.

Stay tuned, stay safe and stay healthy everyone. Cheers!