Marketing Update: Zano's marketing plans for 2024

Marketing Update: Zano's marketing plans for 2024

The past year has been excellent for Zano since we have experienced significant growth. But with the Zarcanum hard fork around the corner, which transforms our blockchain from supporting a single asset (ZANO) to multiple privacy assets instead of just one, the best year is yet to come!

Many years of research and development are behind us, and the start of 2024 is when our exciting network upgrade named Zarcanum finally goes live on Zano's main network. Now that most of the technical pieces of the puzzle are in place and our network is ready for massive amounts of users, it's time to put more effort, time, and resources into the marketing of our unique project to attract bigger crowds. We understand very well that an extensive marketing campaign is necessary if we want people to explore and use the endless possibilities that Zano's ecosystem has to offer. Therefore, we are excited to share with you our marketing plans for 2024.


We have set ourselves three main goals for 2024:

  • Double our community size and numbers across our social media pages
  • Attract at least 10 different projects to launch Confidential Assets and/or dApps on top of Zano's ecosystem
  • Put Zano's name on the map as the dominant leading power in the privacy blockchain space

Proceeding with this blog post, we will explain in bullet points how we plan to achieve our goals.

Expansion of the Marketing team

As we allocate more funds to the marketing of Zano, this allows us to create our very own marketing team. This will result in more creativity and manpower throughout our entire marketing plans and professionalizing our marketing strategy in general.

Content Creation

It is important to have high-quality content available to educate the masses on Zano. We will focus on:

  • Bi-weekly Inside the Zano-Verse episodes
  • Quarterly AMAs with big crypto groups
  • Professional explainer videos about our project and features which will be uploaded to our YouTube and Odysee
  • Highly detailed articles
  • Better (info)graphics
  • Expansion of our documentation

More exchange listings

In 2024 we plan to get $ZANO listed on at least 2 more centralized exchanges which gives users from all over the world a chance to invest in Zano and increases our general visibility in the crypto space. 2024 is also the year when our very own DEX ''Zano Trade'' gets released.

Social media presence

We plan to expand our presence to multiple new platforms such as Reddit. We are well aware that there are big amounts of untouched groups out there that could have an interest in the things that Zano has to offer and we will go to the utmost extent to reach them.

Grants program

To kickstart the growth of our ecosystem we plan to launch a grants program for developers. This will attract privacy-minded devs to build all kinds of cool dApps on Zano's ecosystem and allow them to receive funding to realize their ideas.

Ambassador program

To grow our local communities we recently launched our own ambassador program. As 2024 progresses, we plan to onboard more ambassadors who can represent Zano on social media and on a local scale in their own country, further strengthening our global community and presence.

Bounties & Contests

2023 has proved that rewarding our community members with bounties for completing certain tasks will result in a more active and engaged community while improving the overall quality of Zano. These bounties will be released on our Discord, Telegram, or website. We will also continue with monthly contests such as design competitions, giveaways, and writing contests to keep the community active and involved.


Monerotopia 2023 was a great success where we connected with many like-minded people in the crypto space, which led to beautiful conversations and collaborations. In 2024 we plan to attend Monerotopia again, and possibly many more events to spread the word about Zano and educate people on the unique advantages of Zano's blockchain.


As our ecosystem and community grow, we hope to be able to host our very own hackathon at the end of 2024. This should strengthen the community and our blockchain, possibly leading to new cool ideas that can then be funded and realized on the Zano blockchain.

Get involved

Do you have an idea you'd like to share with us? We always appreciate input from the zAnons. If so, please send us an e-mail to [email protected] with your idea.