Zano Bounty Program

Zano Bounty Program

The Hyle team is working day and nights on our latest project, Zano blockchain and infrastructure. Meanwhile, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to earn Zano coins while simultaneously increasing its value by fulfilling crucial tasks. Each task or bounty has different terms and reward, please read careful to maximize your earnings. Please note that in order to avoid sharp increase in PoS difficulty bounty payouts will be locked until coin swap launch.

How to become a bounty hunter?

  1. Carefully review available tasks here
  2. Pick the right one for you
  3. If required leave a comment and wait for approval
  4. Go ahead and get it done
  5. Once completed the dev team will review and issue the reward

Each bounty can have Open or Closed status. Open means you can apply to take the job in the comment section or submit the results depending on the job description. If bounty has a Closed status it means someone else is already working on it and hunters cannot commit to it at the moment. If a hunter working on it doesn’t succeed it will be open again. When job is done the bounty permanently gets closed.

There are labels to help hunters navigate the bounty list. Each bounty is marked with one of the 6 main types: Videos, Articles, Social, Translations, Mining and Instructions. With this labeling system you should be able to easily recognize the tasks you’re looking for.


A reward is paid for making videos related to the Zano project and posting them on YouTube. Based on the number of views, comments, comment type, video design quality, and information contained, the amount of reward will be calculated. Among the required topics are projects comparison, general information, and features overview, instructional videos, and tutorials.


Writing original, non-plagiarized articles about Zano. Information from or whitepaper can be used for example, but not “copy/paste”. Articles can have various topics and overview Zano potential investments and features. The reward is based on article content. Can be submitted to Reddit, Medium, Cointelegraph, etc.


This type of bounty is offered for creating a meaningful social media post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. A hashtag #Zano, link and $Zano are always required. Reward is based on number of likes, comments content, and author follower numbers.


Various translation tasks from large articles to social media posts will be rewarded based on the word count. The required languages will be listed in a particular bounty. Texts to translate can be articles, instructions, guides, whitepaper updates, announcements, Facebook posts, tweets, etc.


A reward for publishing mining software and tools with Zano support. Should be reviewed and accepted by the community.


Infographics, tutorials, guides on various topics related to Zano features and usage. Submitted works will be reviewed by dev team and rewarded based on the quality of the material. Materials about mining, staking, marketplaces, and contracts are preferred.

How to propose you bounty?

If you feel confident about a particular idea and it’s implementation you can suggest you own bounty by creating a new issue. Please provide a full detailed description and don’t forget to mark it with a special label Idea. The dev team will review it and respond swiftly.